She Said Films is award-winning writing and filmmaking team Marie-Claire Marcotte and Rebecca Davey, creating original content in both French and English. They are currently in pre-production for Season 2 of their digital series Running With Violet, as well as developing the new digital series Trust Me and the feature film Pippa and the Bees. They also publish She Said Notes—a journal for the art interested and the feminist-minded, curated to connect the unexpected.


TFO 24.7She Said Films: Women Creators

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Interview from 2012—our inaugural year!

We decided to ask each other a few questions about making stuff.

Marie-Claire: Let’s say your two daughters ask you NOW for career related advice. What do you tell them?

Rebecca: Definitely fail hard and be proud of it. I was tentative in theatre school—worried about being ‘good.’ And being ‘good’ in art is death!

Marie-Claire: Do you believe in hanging mirrors in the house? Like is there a maximum of mirrors allowed? An appropriate number? Okay that’s three questions… sorry.

Rebecca: I don’t have a problem with mirrors. I'm not superstitious and completely un-vain. Ha!

Marie-Claire: Where do you work best?

Rebecca: Always on a couch. I set up work stations all around my house and then inevitably end up back on the couch. Sometimes I fall asleep, which is bad. Or maybe it’s good?

Marie-Claire: What do you envision for She Said Films?

Rebecca: Well, obviously we need to rule the world! And we will.

Marie-Claire: What project scared you the most? Why?

Rebecca: Directing She Sings For Me was definitely scary. I needed to come up with a vision—colour palette, camera angles… and then of course execute it. Everyone was counting on me. Film is extremely collaborative, but it’s also a director’s medium. The crew is waiting for you to say cut, waiting to see what you want next… the actors are looking to you for guidance… you have to shepherd everyone along with just the right amount of tenderness and confidence! It’s a lovely but scary process. I’m going to be crazier next time—trusting my gut even more! That’s my goal with each project: trust myself more.

Marie-Claire: What is it like joining your brain to mine?

Rebecca: I like your brain a lot. I think that’s key to finding a life long work partner: liking their brain. I like your brain.

Marie-Claire: That makes me happy.

Rebecca: Should we hug?

Marie-Claire: Probably.

They hug. 

Rebecca: Okay, my turn! When did you start feeling like a legitimate artist?

Marie-Claire: Questioning my legitimacy or at least the legitimacy of what I have to say will always be there. I think this questioning saves me from doing boring work. Or one might say masturbatory work. Hopefully.

Rebecca: What’s your favourite part of the creative process?

Marie-Claire: The beginning! When the ideas are flowing and a new project is taking shape. There are so many options. I love options. I love ideas. Choosing is the hard part. And then following this chosen idea down the rabbit hole is obviously necessary to see if it’s a good one. But it can get pretty depressing when you’ve followed several shitty rabbit holes. On to the next idea rabbit hole until the story becomes clearer and sharper. That part involves more risk, fear… thrill. Love that too but the sweet beginning… where ideas and projects can be as wild as your imagination will allow… that’s the tits!

Rebecca: Favourite She Said Films project to date?

Marie-Claire: Traveling to Film Festivals for She Sings For Me. It was such a nice way to congratulate ourselves on all the work that was put into our film. You and I always skip right on to the next project and that sometimes means that the ‘Hey we did it, congrats!’ part lasts like two seconds before we jump into ‘What’s the next deadline for this?’

I still think about the first writing retreat we had—several years ago. When you were pregnant in L.A. We gave ourselves a week to write the first draft of our first ever play. It felt lavish. Urgent. And so right.

Rebecca: Biggest artistic dream? Or is it a secret? 

Marie-Claire: I’m going for ‘it's a secret.’ And secrets are great. Nice secrets.

Rebecca: What do you like about working with me? :) 

Marie-Claire: You are relentless… huge heart… sexy brain… and you have made me accept the word bitch as a term of endearment. Sometimes you get a little wild flicker in your eye. Like your eyes get wild, you lean in closer and whatever you say next, I know that it's going to be a big idea. And that we’ll do it. That voice in my brain—that I will call Marla—tells me: with her, you can make any project happen. 

Rebecca: Biggest perceived She Said Films failure and what you learned from it?

Marie-Claire: I think of projects that never happened as failures. Maybe that’s too extreme. But really, we’ve slaved over some ideas/projects and the timing just didn’t end up being right so we never executed them. I still want to do them all! One day…