Dear She Said Noters,

Recently I was told a story about a friend of mine. She’s 6’2. The story goes that she used her firm but kind manner and imposing presence to herd a lobbyful of irritable, sweaty Millennial yogis into overbooked classes… and a few of them even smiled! That kind of chaos—irritable crowds in the pursuit of anticipated relaxation—is a special kind of hell I think! I look at this photograph, at the blurred face that is connected to the disembodied hand pointing in her direction, and remember the storyteller saying to me “people just followed her voice.” This issue of She Said Notes considers the complexity of finding artistic direction—a voice in the crowd or an ushering hand—in the midst of life’s chaotic happenings.


Creative Tip

Borrowing from famous philosopher, lover of photography (and all things art!) on how to find direction in the midst of chaos: “I now suddenly understood how, to a painter, (hadn’t it happened to Rembrandt and many others?), ugliness could appear as the true reservoir of beauty...” (Walter Benjamin)


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