To suffer from an excess of ideas—for the creative juices to be flowing “too quickly”—might not top your list of artistic dilemmas (when the life of an artist is so often weighed down by the very tangible challenges of simply finding funding). But the weight of carrying around an abundance of ideas is a very real load to bear. In a world where timing is everything and who you know can make or break your golden egg, we decided to build this issue of She Said Notes around the notion of hibernation—essentially, what impact does waiting to share ideas have on the creative process? What does it feel like to wait for the right moment, and how do we know when the “right moment” presents itself? Writers Natalie Davey and David Granger share with us some of their own lived experiences of creative hibernation and knowing when to emerge from the den!

Creative Tip

Learn the basics of your art form and then find your own voice, because your voice is the thing that will be make your work authentic and original. Get started now! Find your voice! (Lindsay Mackay: filmmaker and director of Running With Violet)


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