Obsessive Curiosity


Writer Carol Shields has called herself obsessively curious, a quality that has no doubt sustained her long and illustrious career as an author. This artistic quality appeals to us here at She Said Productions… because we are too! If it means eavesdropping at coffee shops or stopping mid-conversation, when out to dinner with a loved one, to listen to the end of a story being told two tables over, so be it! Inspiration grown from the mundane. Little life stories that are actually big, even weighty with meaning—especially when filtered through the curious artist’s lens. In our fourth issue of She Said Notes musician/painter Soozi Schlanger and novelist Goldberry Long share some of their obsessively curious life experiences and how such interactions with the world have played a part in their artistic process.

Creative Tip

Actively cultivate curiosity as a method of staying present and in the moment. Further, try using curiosity as a method of distraction when you’re feeling anxious. (Anique Granger: singer-songwriter)


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