Reaction Time


Dear She Said Noters,

I consider myself a proactive person. As a teacher it’s called survival to preemptively plan ahead! So it drives me nuts when work life devolves into reactive damage control. I am more comfortable designing with the end in mind. Big Picture thinking.

Perhaps, though, the Big Picture can be brought into the sharpest focus when reacting to a crisis. This volume of She Said Notes has been focused on ‘hot topic’ issues, bringing artists’ voices to the fore to unpack experiences of Feminism and Activism from different perspectives.

And then Weinstein happened. And too many others.

So we are reacting.

I’m good with it though. In this special issue of She Said Notes Rebecca and Marie-Claire offer poignant reactions to the floodgates that have opened post-Weinstein. As women have united under banners like #metoo, we felt compelled to add our voices to the chorus: two pieces that offer examples of art, feminism and activism lived in the present tense. Reacting to a Bigger Picture that needs to change.



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