Dear She Said Noters,

I’ve decided that my toddler son is a very short philosopher with enormous eyes that see everything. We brush our teeth together in the front of the bathroom mirror and he watches me intently as I do his toothpaste first, then mine. The whole nighttime routine, from the books we read to the very specific snack he asks for, is determined by how this little two-year-old sees his world: in sharp lines that divide the known from the unknown. Moving him towards his bed I suggest that we close our eyes, but with the wisdom of a sage he says, “But then I no can see you mama. Or the stars!” …and he’s right. Focusing on Rebecca’s eyes in this photograph, we think that seeing the creative process through the unknown—with eyes wide open—is no easy task. This issue of She Said Notes considers what it means to see the world, and if there are times when we should, in fact, close our eyes.


Creative Tip

Insider knowledge—of one’s life and community—is super important, but so is keeping our eyes open for the unfamiliar. A new coffee shop is one option, or go big and try for a more drastic change of scenery. Be it the Bluffs or Banff: see anew! (Editor-in-chief Natalie)


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