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Each issue of She Said Notes has focused on one aspect of an artist’s creative process as she strives to share with her audience a story. A perspective. A truth even. This issue is a close reading of the art that is the taking and telling of stories—what it means to take on a narrative burden, to bear its weight whilst searching for the words (or images or tune!) to best communicate a truth. No easy task! We look to a conversation with Spiritual Director Margaret Rose Dick and two poems by Michael Fraser as they share how story taking and telling has informed their artistic journeys.

Creative Tip

Life is short… Break some rules… Forgive quickly… Kiss slowly… Love truly… Laugh uncontrollably… Remember love is better than anger… And never regret anything that made you smile! (Poet Michael Frasers email signature!) 


She Said Notes is a journal for the art-interested, the feminist-minded, curated to connect the unexpected.

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