Symbols and Semaphore


It is not easy to sum up in one newsletter the artistic nuance required to navigate first coming up with and developing an idea from scratch, and then somehow communicating its key message to an audience through words or images or musical notes. That sentence alone is a mouthful! Such a creative process requires wading through a quagmire of cliches and tired adages in the artist’s search for the perfect metaphor—thus, our title for this sixth issue of She Said Notes: Symbols and Semaphore. Artist Heather Morrison and sculptor Audrey Hudson share with us some of their nuanced navigations of this creative process.

Creative Tip

Get inspired by all kinds of people! Often the difficult people in our lives are our greatest sources of inspiration. In his book Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art, Stephen Nachmanovitch writes: “We provide both irritation and inspiration for each other—the grist for each other’s pearl making.”


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