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I think of my work as inventories of cultural practices. My research and artistic practice are intrinsically linked. This body of work speaks about historically marginalized bodies in dominant settler society. It seeks to explore the visual representations self, belonging, and of layers interconnectedness through something as simple as ‘the nod.’ Finding others you identify with and creating safe spaces in order to do the work of decolonizing that same space that has nurtured your spirit and that you have grown to love. My arrangements are planned, with a sense of whimsy, inviting viewers to move around the pieces to engage in wonder, question and beauty.

These ceramic pieces are a culmination of my work to date, showing my growth, strength, sense of design and critical thinking as an artist, educator and researcher. Sitting within the context of ceramic arts, emphasizes the history of the material, the properties of clay and the infinite possible conversations to be had around race, culture and belonging.

Audrey Hudson is a ceramic artist based in Toronto. She is presently an instructor on the Faculty of Design at OCAD University, and recently received a PhD from University of Toronto in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. To follow her work, visit her personal website.


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