Dear She Said Noters,

I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. Before I leave for work I appreciate being able to scroll through quickly, coffee in hand, so I can be hipped to the goings-on of our very complicated world. Then I put on my teacher hat and head to campus where I find I use the social snapshots Twitter provides to get discussions going with my students. Of late, though, I have felt less and less inclined to sharing with my classes some of the online responses I’ve succumbed to reading in the early morning light. I am finding that I don’t want to share with my wide-eyed-not-quite-adults the words of angry people spewing nasty vitriolic 140-character statements as if they can sum up what are, in reality, large and nuanced social issues.

In some ways this third volume of She Said Notes is an artistic pushback, working to counter one-off statements of “fact” by offering various perspectives on hot topics that need more than a short phrase to unpack! The first half of Volume III will explore aspects of Feminism from three different artistic vantage points. The second half of Volume III will consider what Activism looks like today, also presented from three different artistic perspectives. Our hope is that you’ll read on and, whether you agree or disagree with the viewpoints shared in the upcoming essays and interviews, you’ll feel edified in some fashion, pushed to grow up and out just a little bit by reading the world through someone else’s lens. Perhaps you’ll even add something new and unexpected to your Twitter feed at the end of the day! #editorgoals



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