Trifocal Lens #4


Dear She Said Noters,

To take a stand, to fight, to push back against systems that oppress… this volume of She Said Notes has presented different perspectives on activism and feminism in action. A commonality connecting each issue has been the emphasis placed on the lived experiences of female artists. Because art is often presented to some sort of an audience, our focus has been an inherently public form of action.

This issue is a little different.

Our essayist is not an artist by trade (she’s a teacher, a historian, a librarian!) and her activist work is introspective by its very nature. As Tamara Irons shares her private story in this issue of She Said Notes, we hope you are moved, as we are, by her take on pushing back against systems that oppress in both the public and private realms of life.

I am inspired.



Marie-Claire and Rebecca, founders of She Said Films, and Natalie, Executive Editor/PhD, bring you stories, interviews and tips—all about the creative process!

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