Trifocal Lens #5


Dear She Said Noters,

I have always enjoyed analyzing films. I think I get it from my father. I remember when we watched No Country for Old Men on the big screen. We were both… affected. We sat in silence until the last credit had rolled, finally turned to face each other and said “Let’s get a drink!” We needed to talk this one through.

Based on Rebecca’s fascinating interview with filmmaker Jessica Beshir, I know that a similar affect will be brought up in me after watching her documentaries… and I haven’t even seen them yet! This issue of She Said Notes unpacks Beshir’s perspective on personal practice, creating community and the feminist act of simply picking up a camera.

We hope that this issue, this Trifocal volume as a whole, inspires in you a desire to “talk this one through!”—with whoever you find yourself sitting beside, right through to the end of the credits.



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