Trifocal Lens #6


Dear She Said Noters,

I have been a touch hesitant to add my voice to the Trifocal chorus—I have been enjoying so much all of the learning that has come with reading about the work of such a talented retinue of artists. But, when it came down to it, I just couldn’t pass up the chance! So, for this volume’s culminating issue, I have chosen to push to the fore a focus on friendship, on the allies that makes feminist and activist work possible. Great art is inevitably connected to the stories that shape us. And yet, all of the She Said Notes’ Trifocal issues have pointed to how those same stories do not have to define us. We cannot erase life’s hurts, but as women and allies we can strive to make each other’s journeys easier to navigate… making the road a little smoother for those to come.



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